Throw Your Flag™

An interactive game designed to enhance the viewing experience of televised football games.


It's game time, and yelling at the TV has never been more fun!

Hey, football fans, ever felt like throwing something at the TV during the game? We have, so we came up with our flag-throwing game.

Our new penalty flag game let's you play along with all the action you're watching on TV!

Designed for indoor TV-friendly use, Throw Your Flag is a fun, hands-on game that relieves the stress of watching your favorite sports team. Win or lose. Our set of four colored flags allows you to "play along" with the flow of the game.

Throw different color flags before big plays, after blown calls, or missed penalties. Save the team-colored flag for kick-offs, punts and savoring victories!

About the TYF Game

We dreamed up the ThrowYourFlag™ game out of the frustration of watching our team lose. Regrettably, every loss directly resulted from a bad call... at least in our minds.

Flinging our ballcap was fun, but knocking over the chip bowl was not. We needed a gentler way to show our outrage and disdain. As the saying goes, "frustration is the father of invention"; thus, the flag throwing game was born.

Penalties, bad calls, missed field goals? No worries, you've got a flag in your hand, and it's ready to fly! Now you can relieve your stress when the game is on the line.

Get your penalty flag game set today!

Throw Your Flag includes four flags and enables you to "play along" with the action of the TV broadcast.

Our penalty flag game is great gift for football fans:

  • Handcrafted in the USA.

  • Made of 100% cotton.

  • Safe for indoor use and family friendly.

  • Throw left or right handed.

  • Easy to play solo or with others.

  • Play while watching college or pro football games.

  • Costs under $30.

*Please don't throw flags directly at TVs, children, spouses, or pets.